Our Talent

Daniel Verville

Bombardier Aviation

Painting a 50 year career

Irving Alvarado-Rodriguez

Program integration lead, Product development system, Product development engineering, Aerospace

6 lessons that shaped my career

Stéphanie Laforest

Senior Director, Corporate Strategy

Taking the lead on the most talked about deal in aerospace history.
How Stephanie Laforest became the Lead of the Integration Management Office of our Airbus partnership.


Marc Villeneuve

Director, Technical Engineering and Advanced Design, Product Development Engineering, Aerospace.

“Throughout my career, I have been in the best place for innovation. Technical and Advanced Design is where ideas get tried out before we make them real.” 

Jason Martin

Crew Chief in the sheet metal, weld and machine shops. 

“Great leaders don’t only impact your work ethic, but they help you grow as a person. They paint a vivid picture of a goal and sell you on that goal.”

Heather Beaton

Engineering Fellow – Control Systems, Bombardier Aviation

“I love the challenges posed by the complexity of an aircraft and the engineering involved in its development. But that’s only half the equation. The depth of the organization and the diversity of people I get to work with complete the package.”