Solutions and technologies



MOVIA Metros – flexible solutions for growing cities

As a leading metro solutions provider, we’re shaping the future of mass transit and daily commutes. Our high-tech, highly efficient MOVIA metros deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions around the globe.

Tram and light rail

Smooth and sustainable mobility for cities around the world

As a market leader in the light rail vehicle (LRV) segment, Bombardier Transportation offers modern mobility solutions for the modern-day city, with the FLEXITY trams. This comprehensive product portfolio includes 100 per cent low-floor trams, 70 per cent low-floor trams, as well as proven dual-system solutions.


Commuter trains – the backbone of city life

Bombardier’s commuter transport solutions are helping cities all over the world to grow sustainably, accommodate increasing numbers of commuters and alleviate traffic congestion. These trains achieve efficient journey times despite frequent stops while ensuring excellent availability and minimizing interruptions.

People mover

Leading solution for urban and airport transit

The INNOVIA APM 300 system embodies the evolution of successful and dependable transit operations over many years. These systems operate on dedicated guideways and are characterized by exceptional route flexibility, outstanding availability and high efficiency in terms of passenger capacity, energy consumption and land use.


INNOVIA Monorail system – mass transit capabilities with iconic aesthetics

From dense inner-city routes to airport links, monorails transform urban areas. Fast and cost-effective to build, the driverless INNOVIA Monorail 300 system offers comfortable mass-transit capacity with iconic aesthetics. Sleek vehicles run on slender guidebeams, seamlessly integrated into urban environments.





(Very) High-speed redefined

The ZEFIRO high-speed (HS) and very high-speed (VHS) train family takes rail transport to the next level in terms of performance and efficiency.


Our solutions – your strength

Expertise eight years ahead of its time – proven and innovative: That’s the TRAXX locomotive portfolio. More than 2,200 of these locomotives have been sold until today. The new TRAXX 3 locomotive generation is even the most modern one for Europe.


Rapid and reliable regional connections

Reliable regional connections play an important role in the growth of cities, towns and regions. Regional connections can help ease the pressure on inner-city commuter networks, foster out-of-city development and enhance regional tourism.


Connecting cities in comfort

Bombardier’s intercity trains provide comfortable, safe and environmentally-friendly connections between densely populated areas.


Equipment for urban vehicles

Bombardier equipment for urban vehicles

Bombardier Transportation is providing innovative, reliable and safe equipment for urban vehicles: FLEXX Bogies, MITRAC Drives, MITRAC Propulsion systems, MITRAC Train control management systems, MITRAC Traction batteries

Equipment for mainline vehicles

Bombardier Equipment for mainline vehicles

Bombardier Transportation is providing innovative, reliable and safe equipment for mainline vehicles: FLEXX bogies, MITRAC drives, MITRAC propulsion systems, MITRAC train control management systems, MITRAC traction batteries



Mass-transit signalling

CITYFLO – safe and efficient urban solutions

CITYFLO solutions offer the full range of automatic train control (ATC) technologies and operating modes for all urban operations. From trams to light rail vehicles, monorails and high-capacity metros, CITYFLO delivers the highest levels of safety while meeting operator demand for flexible, high-performance and cost-effective solutions.

Communications-based train control (CBTC)

Solving the capacity challenge

Bombardier's pioneering advances in communications-based train control (CBTC) systems are supporting system optimization and upgrades globally providing a new dimension in overlay capability and tackling the capacity challenge. These systems can be deployed quickly, allowing some of the world’s largest cities to meet their transportation needs – rapidly and reliably.

European rail traffic management system (ERTMS)

Leading solution for urban and airport transit

The ERTMS – Interoperable and Advanced Train Control Initially created to allow trains to cross borders without the need to change locomotive or driver, the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS/ETCS) is now being adopted globally. Responding to an EU initiative, the system was developed by key partners in Europe’s rail and signalling industry (UNISIG).

Industrial and mining signalling

Industrial and mining signalling solution

Designed to optimize the movement of ore and freight. The efficient movement of freight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is essential to a modern and productive resource industry. Specifically designed for industrial and mining applications, the INTERFLO 150 optimizes and maximizes the rapid transport of raw materials to enable fully automated, continuous, efficient and streamlined productivity.

Rail control services solutions

OPTIFLO – A comprehensive set of rail control service solutions

Combining the experience Bombardier has gained throughout decades of modernizing and maintaining signalling systems with the possibilities enabled by digitalization and data analytics allowed us to create OPTIFLO - a comprehensive suite of service modules that can be grouped in packages and adapted to meet customer's needs.

Mainline signalling

INTERFLO – Rail Control Solution for Mainline

Developing alternative hubs away from a city, moving to a low-carbon economy and enabling the rapid and safe transport of people and goods are all concerns for governments in developed and developing countries.