Food & Nutrition


These programs, partially funded by the Federal Older Americans Act, provide opportunity for hot meals within a congregate dining room or home delivered for those who are homebound.


The Older Americans Act subsidizes nutritional meals for those age 60 and older, including spouses of those 60 and older. Those eligible may eat for a donation, usually $3.00 is suggested, while those not eligible for the Older Americans Act subsidy, those under age 60, are required to pay the cost of the meals, usually $4-$6.00.The Older Americans Act congregate and home delivered meals programs are available at many different nutritional sites throughout western Montana.

CSFP Application Form.

Liquid Dietary Supplement Program

Area VI nutrition programs also include an option to allow for purchase and provision of liquid dietary supplements (Ensure) when a physician has determined the need for supplements.  Eligibility requirements for this program are the same as for congregate and home delivered meals.  For more information contact your local senior center or e-mail:  [email protected]

Commodity Supplement Food Program

CSFP is operated under the guidelines of the USDA. This program provides food assistance for age 60 or over  who qualify, by way of monthly allocation of commodity foods.

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and sponsored in our service area by the Western Montana Area IV Agency on Aging. Local organizations under contract determine eligibility and distribute foods.

Income eligibility for elderly:  $1265.00 monthly for 1 person or $1705.00 monthly for 2 people
Income eligibility for WIC:  $1800.00 monthly for 1 person, $2426.00 monthly for 2 people or $3051.00 monthly for 3 people.
Call for information if your household is larger.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program Contractors & Locations

Sanders County

Applications: PO Box 339, Hot Springs: 406-741-2343
Distribution: 205 Meany, Plains: 406-826-3546
Distribution: 2nd St &South Ave., Noxon: 406-847-2521
Distribution: 10 Larch St, Trout Creek: 406-827-4813

Lake County

Applications: 528 Main St, Ronan: 406-676-2367
Distribution: 31 Kaiser Spur, Arlee: 406-676-2367
Distribution: 314 Blind Baraby, St. Ignatius: 406-676-2367
Distribution: 212 North Main, St. Ignatius: 406-676-2367
Distribution: 528 Main Street, Ronan: 406-676-2367
Distribution: Charlo, 406-676-2367
Distribution: 701 East 1st Street, Polson: 406-676-2367
Distribution: 504 3rd Ave East, Polson: 406-676-2367
Distribution Point, Elmo: 406-676-2367

Mineral County

Applications: PO Box 146, St Regis: 406-678-4240
Distribution: PO Box 146, St Regis: 406-678-4240

Lincoln County

Applications: PO Box 2012, Libby: 406-283-2314
Distribution: 114 W 2nd, Libby: 406-283-2314
Applications: 1210 Hwy 2, Troy: 406-293-7781
Distribution: 1210 Hwy 2, Troy: 406-293-7781
Applications: County Office Complex, Eureka: 406-297-2188
Distribution: County Office Complex, Eureka: 406-297-2188

Senior Centers and Nutrition Sites

Lake County

Arlee Senior Center – 726-3213
34522 Wessinger  P.O. Box 392 Arlee, MT 59821
[email protected]

Charlo Senior Center – 644-2531
56686 Hwy 212 P.O. Box 1 Charlo, MT 59824
[email protected]

CSKT Elmo Senior Center – 849-5055
Elderly Assistance Building Elmo, Mt  59915

Polson Senior Center – 883-4735
504 3rd Avenue East Polson, MT 59860
[email protected]

CSKT Polson Nutrition Site – 883-6877
701 1st St E Polson, Mt  59860

CSKT Ronan Nutrition Site – 676-5495
12 Terrace Lake Road Ronan, Mt  59864

Mission Valley Senior Center – 676-2371
528 Main Street S.W.  Ronan, MT 59864
[email protected]

St. Ignatius Senior Center – 745-4462
212 North Main Street  P.O. Box 758 St. Ignatius, MT 59865
[email protected]

Lincoln County

Tobacco Valley Senior Center – 297-2188
310 First Ave. East P.O. Box 745  Eureka, MT 59917
[email protected]

Senior Citizens of Lincoln County – 293-7222
206 E. 2nd Street  Libby, MT 59923
[email protected]

Kootenai Senior Center – 295-4140
304 North 3rd Street  P.O. Box 74  Troy, MT 59935
[email protected]

Mineral County

Alberton Senior Citizens – 722-3372
701 Railroad Ave P.O. Box 75 Alberton, MT  59820
[email protected]

St. Regis Senior Center – 649-2421
10 Tiger St.  P.O. Box 174  St. Regis, MT 59866
[email protected]

Superior Senior Citizens Center – 822-3334
611 5th Ave E P.O. Box 372 Superior, MT  59872
[email protected]

Sanders County

Dixon Senior Center – 246-3310
3rd Street West  P.O. Box 85  Dixon, MT 59831

Heron Senior Center – 857-2520
170 Railroad Ave  P.O. Box 68  Heron, MT 59844
[email protected]

Camas Hot Springs Senior Center – 741-2344
101 Main Street  P.O. Box 591  Hot Springs, MT 59845
[email protected]

CSKT Hot Springs Senior Center – 741-3266
505 Cottonwood Plains, Mt  59859

Noxon Senior Center – 847-6000
2nd Street  P.O. Box 17  Noxon, MT 59853
[email protected]

Plains/Paradise Senior Center – 826-3018
205 Meany Street P.O. Box 935 Plains, MT 59859
[email protected]

Thompson Falls Senior Center – 827-3457
1191 Mt. Silcox Road P.O. Box 444 Thompson Falls, MT 59873
[email protected]

Trout Creek Senior Center – 827-4461
10 Larch Street PO Box 1448 Trout Creek, MT 59874
[email protected]


Commodity Supplemental Food Program
Email Contact: [email protected]